Fitting a Solid State Hard Drive will really speed up your machine, making it faster than it was even when new! Call now for a quote on installing a Solid State Hard Drive in your machine.

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A slow-running machine and/or taking a long time to open programs is usually the result of viruses, spyware or not enough memory installed in your machine. Let ComputerShooter diagnose this effectively and cure the problem so that your machine will run as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Virus and Spyware Protection

In this day and age, viruses and spyware are the scourge of the Internet society. If a virus hasn't infiltrated your machine by now then you are one of the lucky ones! Most people don't actually have adequate anti-virus protection on their machine and so are open to these nuisances.

Spyware can attach itself in many forms, from embedding itself when your computer starts to hijacking your Internet browser and collecting your personal information.

ComputerShooter will clear your machine of these nuisances and provide protection for your machine to minimise future infections.

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