Always make sure that your wireless network is completely secure. Failure to do so leaves you open to unwelcome intrusion

Call now to arrange for us to install and secure your wireless network for complete security.

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We have solutions for everyone.

Sometimes you just need a helping hand with computers. Depending on your experience, it can be difficult to do what should be the simplest things like:

  • Connecting To The Internet
  • Setting Up E-mail Accounts
  • Using Word, Excel And Other Office software

Wireless Internet

Is your phone point in a different room from your PC?

How would you like to use your laptop or Desktop PC on the Internet WIRELESSLY around your home or office?

Need to use more than one laptop or desktop WIRELESSLY and all off of the same Internet connection?

Take a look at how ComputerShooter can get you WIRELESS now!


Is your computer running slowly?

Is it taking ages to boot up and then when it does takes ages again to open a program?

You may be suffering from viruses or spyware.

Fitting a Solid State Hard Drive will cure slowness and make your machine faster than it was when it was brand new!.

Talk to us about replacing your existing slow hard drive with a Solid State Hard Drive

Click here here to read how ComputerShooter can disinfect your computer and get your machine running properly again

Smart Home

Want devices in your home speaking to one another?

Did you know that your Amazon Echo or Google Home can control your lights, heating and other devices?
And that you can control these devices remotely to increase the security and comfort of your home.

Let ComputerShooter get these connected for you for a smarter home.


Need to Secure your home for safety and peace of mind?

Let us help you with fitting an appropriate security system. It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg and you will feel safer and more secure keeping unwanted visitors away.

Smart Door Bells, giving you the ability to answer your door without ever opening it helps in keeping you safe, especially for those who feel more vulnerable.

We can help with all aspects of securing your home.


Do you need a reliable e-mail system, networking for your office or a backup system to ensure that your data is backed-up and protected?

Wondering what the best software is to use for a particular task or need help setting-up some computer equipment?

Click here to see how ComputerShooter will help you to find the right solution

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