You can eliminate a lot of noise from your PC by making sure that the processor fan is clean.

Call now and we will clean the inside of your machine and get everything working efficiently to reduce noise issues.

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Wireless Internet

Maybe your phone point is in a different room from your PC or laptop?
You may have been told that you will need to run long lengths of cable between two rooms to use Broadband.


You don’t need a messy solution like that! ComputerShooter will install a wireless network for you AND make it secure. You will have a fast, wire-free Internet connection with the knowledge that it is secure from outside interference, PLUS once it’s all set up you can connect more wireless devices with a minimum of effort!

Did you know that you can use your one broadband connection to connect lots of computers all using your Internet connection at the same time to share that one connection? And what's more, each computer is on the Internet independently and won't interfere with another machine!

Contact ComputerShooter now and let’s get you Wireless!